Her family would kill her.

Mondragone would rail and Tiargo would despair and Falena would rap her knuckles with a fan, and much worse; there would be threats and the very likelihood of her ending up in the Canal by the end of the night, especially if Mondragone was caught up in his ‘muse.’

Rodrigo and Gabrielle, he would roll his eyes and she would sigh, but at least amongst them she would mostly survive.

Civetta, it would end in a fistfight. It would be over in an instant and she would lose, and then wake from unconsciousness in a part of the Mestra she’d never been in, probably naked and with two rings to her name to get home. (It costs three to cross the river.)

Adelina would tut, Anguila would screech, and there would be a long lecture on the impropriety of nosing the Brie, the same one she had heard since she was little, since they were all little. Adelina would tell someone at a very inopportune time, and let others chastise her. Anguila would just be sad she hadn’t gotten there first to annoy her father.

Gabriel… He would probably miss the whole thing and come in late to hear about it, a million things on his mind and barely listening to the little things. He would be told, react, promptly forget it, and then be surprised when the story is retold later on. She’d be chastised twice.

Serena. And Felice and Robbie if they were still here… They would all have colluded with her to do it. Robbie would not have cared one jot, egged her on, or raced her to make off with the entire slice of Brie. Felice would have instantly made a tiny flag to put in the cheese from paper and a toothpick, stating who was responsible for the dastardly deed, ratting her out because the chaos would amuse her. Serena, she’d have stayed aloof, out of trouble, perhaps have caused the distraction that enabled her to escape, all the while thinking about how to frame the scene for a stage adaptation of this social drama-slash-comedy.

She looks at the melon baller in her hand, thinking of Robbie. It hurts her, and she can only run from the pain like she’s running from all her sorrows. “For Robbie, who would have done it already.”

A whole wheel. Yes, they would kill her for a whole wheel of Brie. But none of them are here.