A spot of guest writing from my friend J, which I loved too much to not post (with his permission!)


Regario, a long time ago…

“So wait,” Arao said, looking puzzled, “what’s your thoughts on Loyalty, then? Why would people think they were bad?”

There was a moment of silence. Tori put down the fruit she’d been eating, and looked like she was searching for words. Then, as they came to her, her face filled with a dark determination.

“Arao, if you want to know, I need you to promise, no. I need you to SWEAR you’ll never tell anyone.” Her words were quiet, but the intensity was deafening.

Arao stopped for a second, taken aback. He’d never seen Tori like this before. Serious, sure, especially when it came to family. But this was new, and it scared him.

But Tori was the closest thing he had to family, and the only person who’d ever cared about him. He trusted her implicitly. How could he say no?

He held out his hand.

“I swear.”


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