It’s the only word I can say, in the look that passes between us, there is so much more.

Please, let me participate.
Let me do this.
This is the banner that I lost.
They wrenched it from my hands.

Don’t leave me behind.
Don’t let me sit and watch as the family tries to right my wrongs.
Right wrongs done to me.

Let me stand with you.
Let me fight.
Let me have your back, and let me remember what it is to know you have mine.

Tell me that I’m worthy to fight the Jotun for Catia’s banner.
Don’t pass me over because I’m not a warrior, I have the heart for this.
Let me bleed beside you.

Win or Fail, let me be counted for something.
When I leave this world, let this be something I did, fearlessly, and be proud of myself for.

And then, you nod, and beckon me forward, one of five to stand against the Jotun champions. And a weight is lifted from my soul, that I might be worthy to bear the Barossa name.


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